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Nov 2021

Episode 50. Mental-Emotional Resilience with Heather Monroe

November 30, 2021

In this week’s episode of the Health Ignited Podcast, we welcome Heather Monroe. Heather is an integrative psychotherapist who specializes in the healing of relational trauma. Through her extensive training and work in clinical and experiential modalities Heather guides clients through a holistic and transformative process. Heather’s approach to helping people is creative, open and flexible as she understands that just as the context of trauma is individual, so is the process of healing. Heather is a certified Kundalini yoga teacher as well as a student of Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing training both of which have given her a deep understanding of the body and how trauma is held in and released through it.


Heather shares her insights and wisdom around our human condition. She has a huge heart and cares a lot about the world, the stories we create, and where we need to start paying attention in order to heal. She explains how trauma is a universal experience, we all have a wound for which we need to heal. Sometimes what we avoid the most is what we actually need, whether that’s grounding, exercise, meditation or holographic breathing. This podcast will help navigate your healing process based on how you operate within your nervous system.


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