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Apr 2021

Episode 25: A Guide to Successful Relationships with Julie Turner, Hypnotherapist

On this week’s episode of the Health Ignited podcast, Drs. Nick and Sonya talk to Julie Turner, Hypnotherapist, Speaker and Coach, about navigating relationships with ourselves and others, fostering healthy communication, and showing up openly and authentically in all of our interactions.

Having worked as a hairdresser and making house calls for families, Julie observed different relational dynamics and became fascinated with the various layers of these relationships. She developed a curiosity about the ways people communicate with each other and why some approaches seemed to encourage healthy connection while others pushed people apart. Julie was inspired to take a number of courses (in nutrition, counselling, business, coaching and hypnotherapy) with the goal of better understanding these dynamics, and she now helps individuals from all walks of life improve their wellbeing and develop strategies for creating happier, more nurturing relationships with their loved ones.

In this episode, we discuss healthy communication tools and practices, the similarities between hypnotherapy and meditation, the importance of transparency and neutrality when relating to others, how intuition breaks down the rigidity caused by expectations and assumptions, and the relationship between the physical and emotional bodies when understanding (and ultimately releasing) the pain we carry.


You can learn more about Julie Turner and explore her inspiring videos, podcasts and courses at

Apr 2021

Episode 24: Signs and Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance in Women and Men

On this week’s episode of the Health Ignited Podcast, Drs. Nick and Sonya Jensen discuss the different ways that estrogen dominance can present depending on age, gender, environment, lifestyle habits, and a number of other influences.

Our personal hormonal imprint changes as we move through different stages of life and can also be impacted various external factors - toxicity, diet, exogenous hormones, and traumas will all impact the communication of our hormones and the ways they interact with our other biological systems.

Drs. Nick and Sonya remind us that there are many layers to hormone health, which makes it very important to focus on developing greater awareness around our unique experience with mood changes, energy levels, emotional reactions, sleep patterns, and the overall way we find ourselves moving through life, so that we can better understand the way our hormones are affecting us.

The doctors address different options for determining and addressing hormonal imbalances through testing, detox protocols, and lifestyle changes to seek more harmony with our hormones and find more vitality at all stages of our lives.

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Apr 2021

Episode 23: Mastering Adversity with Lance Essihos

On this week’s episode of the Health Ignited podcast, Drs Nick and Sonya interviewed Lance Essihos about adversity, resilience, healing, sitting with the shadow, and using the lessons from our experiences of grief and pain to transform our lives into something more beautiful and whole. We talk to Lance about how he came to live in a place of trust in his journey, overcoming the obstacles of self doubt and false narratives, and what it means to believe in yourself and honour your truth. This is a powerful conversation about learning how to listen to your inner voice so you can serve your higher self and stay focused on your biggest goals.

Lance Essihos is the host of University of Adversity podcast, which has ranked Top 50 on iTunes Worldwide and the Top #5 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 20 Podcasts That Will Help You Grow in 2020 List - listen to it here:

Get his new book, Mastering Adversity, which will help you go from living your life in the backseat as a victim, into the driver seat of empowerment - you can preorder it here:

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Mar 2021

Episode 22: PMS, Libido, and Relationships with Drs Nick and Sonya Jensen

In this week's episode you get a glimpse into Drs Nick and Sonya Jensen's discoveries of how a woman's monthly cycle can impact her body, how she feels about herself and her relationships. From times of high libido to low, and how to get a better understanding of what is happening during the month so you don't feel like there is something wrong with you, but instead you are tuning into your unique hormonal blueprint. 

Those monthly cravings, those shifts in mood, even the change in how you see the world, all have a reason behind them. The doctors get into their own personal relationship and what has worked for them in understanding themselves so they can better understand each other. 


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Mar 2021

Episode 21: Momma, you are enough with Dr Claire Nicogossian

On this episode of the Health Ignited Podcast, Drs. Nick and Sonya Jensen sit down with Dr. Claire Nicogossian, a licensed clinical psychologist and Clinical Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behaviour at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University for an important conversation about thriving in motherhood by embracing our shadow emotions.


Dr. Claire shares her insights about navigating the sometimes difficult space of motherhood with compassion for the entirety of the experience, including the inevitable (and natural) moments of worry, fear and anxiety. We discuss tools for supporting ourselves and our partner as we support our children in their own growth and development, understanding that self care, patience, humility and forgiveness must be extended to ourselves and not only to our loved ones in order to find this balance. Dr. Claire reminds us that “a healthy, happy mother is the greatest gift to a child”, and that we can only show up this way by offering ourselves the grace and acceptance to be exactly as we are, honouring both the immense beauty and the many challenges of motherhood.


Discover how to create calm, joy and confidence within the chaos of motherhood with Dr. Claire’s book, Mama, You Are Enough: and follow her on Instagram @momswellbeing

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Feb 2021

Episode 20: Guru Singh Master Yogi on our Relationship to Death, Rage and Grief

Guru Singh is a highly sought after individual for the insight, depth of experience and knowledge that he shares.  We are constantly in awe has he shares his wisdom and brilliance.  His articulation of the human condition will leave you feeling inspired and wanting more.  He has an incredible way of bringing awareness to the suffering of the mind.  

So many of us find ourselves trapped in the emotion of life, instead of releasing these heavy emotions we define ourselves by them and see the world through the lens of them.  Over time we fail to realize the connection between our beliefs and the health of our body.  

Finding freedom from our emotions and with our emotions we can create new levels of awareness, health and understanding about the challenges we face.

Join us on a discussion as we make room for the rage we can experience in life, and how to move through fear/change and the grieving process as those who are close to us pass on and as the world around us constantly changes. 

To find out more about this Amazing Human, Yogi, Singer/Songwriter, Author and so much more check out:


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Feb 2021

Episode 19: Mammas for Mammas with Andrea Delf

Being a Mom brings so many joys, laughter and a whole new level of commitment.  It also brings a host of new challenges to navigate physically, emotionally and spiritually.

It is commonplace that mom can lose herself in the role, put her kids before herself.  This happens to the best of us, just imagine the challenge it is for single Moms (and Dads) and those without community and support.

Mammas for Mammas is that place for Moms in these situations.  Whether Mom is having difficulty with doing it all, difficulty with finances, lack of support or just needs someone to connect and listen.


Andrea Delf and the team at Mammas for Mammas lead with the heart in this non-profit organization.  It will tug at your heart strings and will have you asking, how can I help?


Sometimes all it takes is some help with diapers and a little extra food for the month.  For others, it's a gift of time at the hair salon to just feel like yourself again.  There are many ways to support!


to find out more check out the local branch:

They have also set up local FB communities to engage and help


Jan 2021

Episode 18: Health Freedom with Dr Jason Hughes

Drs Nick and Sonya Jensen interview one of their mentors, Dr Jason Hughes ND about fear and how it can affect your immune system.

Could your fears, old beliefs, and societal pressures dictate your physiology?

What if you allowed yourself to see all sides and had the capacity to not hold onto your opinions and beliefs that were implanted in you by others so tightly? Imagine the freedom your mind and body would feel. Imagine how expansive and abundant your cells, your body, and your mind would feel with all that heavy weight of old patterns lifted away. How about we choose health and we choose freedom to think and love with an open mind and heart!

Jan 2021

Episode 17: Vaccine Optimization with Dr Taylor Bean ND

In this episode, Drs Nick and Sonya Jensen interview their colleague, Dr Taylor Bean, a leader in the Naturopathic community leading the conersation around vaccines.

Dr Taylor's journey into this area of medicine has lead her to create awareness around vaccine optimization and the importance of having supportive and informed conversations around this very sensitive topic.

She takes us through a journey a family may go through when learning more about this topic and their children. Dr Taylor emphasizes the importance of allowing parents the space to ask all the questions so they can make informed decisions for their families. She covers common questions regarding vaccines and all the options available to you and your family. 

You can learn more about Dr Taylor at





Dec 2020

Episode 16: A Journey through Recovery with Dr Aaron Van Gaver

This week we continue the conversation around recovery with Dr Aaron Van Gaver, a Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Ontario, Canada. 

Dr Van Gaver opens up about his own journey and how that has allowed him to have the lens of compassion for those who are also on the journey of recovery. His vulnerability and willingness to share his own experience opens a safe place for all of us to reflect on our own patterns and habits that create a story of addiction in our lives. Whether with food, alcohol, shopping, or the many other ways we try to cope with our fears and traumas. 

More on Dr Van Gaver Below:


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